Inspired by the visuals of the 

upcoming game Cyberpunk 2077.

Constant cries and hammering of

electronic machineries give a bleak

glimpse of a dystopian future.

#Cyberpunk #Action #Orchestral 

Seamless amalgamation of electronic and orchestral sounds—painting an expansive fantasy-orchestral-action soundscape.


#Exploration #Action #Orchestral 

This is rescoring of a trailer for Marielle Heller's 2019 biographical drama film A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood—a story of growth and development of Lloyd Vogel, a troubled journalist for Esquire 

who is assigned to profile a TV personality named Fred Rogers.

The opening jazz music complements Fred Rogers' soothing yet bright tenor singing with specific rhythmic and articulation choices to clearly reflect his personality that shines through it.

After this brief first impression of Rogers, the trailer focuses on

the relationship between Vogel and Rogers. So the music dissolves down to simple elementary sounds to match the

change of narrative focuswhich serve as the building

blocks of the eventual climactic orchestral and narrative catharsis.


#Jazz #Inspirational #Heartwarming

Sakura petals streaming with the wind—passing through a foot-stomping

summer groove and warm melodic episode.

#Adventure #Fun #Melodic #Rhythmic

This is rescoring of an action sequence from HBO's 2020 dystopian

science fiction series Westworld (Season 3).

The music utilizes a combination of electronic and orchestral sounds to create a sound world of not-too-distant dystopian future. The pulsating bass rhythm keeps the audience on the edge of their seats, while the melodic elements weave in and out of scene to have them immersed in the action on screen.


#Action #Electronic #Orchestral #Suspense

A nature documentary music that transports listeners to the sea depicted on screen with ambient wind wave sounds blended with orchestral sounds.

#Nature #Documentary #Refreshing

This is a rescoring of a trailer for Sam Mendes' 2019 war film 1917.

The trailer opens with  warm piano chords that soothes the audience, while at the same time also giving a glimpse into the chaos that is about to ensue—creating a dissonance between

what is seen on screen and what is felt. 

After the fear is confirmed, the audience is confronted by a continuous ticking of a mechanical watch that puts

the soldiers' time pressure into perspective.

Throughout, the sounds of bombs and gun cocking are utilized

as part of the music for immersion and relatability.


#Unnerving #Suspense #Ambient

70's Retro Synthwave with audio slices from a news segment about the decay of civic consciousness of the people of Seoul, South Korea in the 70's.  

#Synth #70s #Electronic

This is rescoring of the ending sequence from Krysten Resnick's 

2013 fantasy drama Benny and Jack's Flying Machine.

The music begins with Jack trying make his flying machine to work. After failing, he realizes that his best friend Benny

(a ragged teddy bear) is weighing him down. Once he lets go

of the bear he finally lifts off and flies off into the distance.

This entire sequence is not given a dramatic orchestral cue,

but rather, a simple lighthearted and sarcastic waltz to

make give a comical and wholesome feeling to the sequence.


#Wholesome #Comical #Waltz #Lighthearted

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